Closestool is so clean, closestool cover is clean, nots allow to ignore

文章摘要:Closestool is so clean, closestool cover is clean, nots allow to ignore ,进作用和公斤特三世,跻身榜阵公牛了开幕。

The toilet is the daily necessities, is one of the important functions of the bathroom, because of the frequent use of the bathroom, wet environment, so we should pay attention to when in use of its maintenance, good cleaning habits, to make life more healthy toilet.

How dirty is the toilet? You know what? The inner wall of bacteria as high as 100 thousand, but it is dirty toilet seat and seat outer squatting toilet, one of the greatest inventions in the history of the modern family, the toilet in the toilet pit was gradually replaced by the time, people also become carefree and content up to the toilet. But such a "good life companion", but hidden too many imaginary bacteria. Therefore, the daily cleaning and maintenance of the toilet is very important to ensure the cleanliness of the bathroom and the health of the family. Today, Xiao Bian for everyone to introduce some of the toilet daily maintenance, cleaning knowledge.

First, the daily maintenance of the toilet

1, toilet seat bacteria, more emphasis should be clean

Fudan University School of public health professor Yu Qingfu pointed out that the survey found that there are 32% shigae toilet, including a song called "inside" dysentery bacillus survive in the toilet seat for 17 days; another test report also pointed out that the 100 million polio virus into the toilet, splashing into the seat of the virus there were 3000. At the same time, many people like to put a flannelette washer on the toilet in winter, so that they are more likely to adsorb, stay and excrete pollutants, which is more likely to spread the disease.

Where pollution is so severe, it is the most intimate contact with the skin, so focus on cleaning and apply diluted household disinfectant every one or two days.

Some people prefer to use a lint washer on the toilet when they use the toilet, but it is easy to absorb, keep and excrete pollutants, and the possibility of spreading disease increases. So try to avoid doing so, and if that's not the case, do it often. As for the cloth gasket, it is best not to use, if you must use, it should be regularly cleaning disinfection. If you have the condition, you can change the toilet with antibacterial function and splash proof design.

2 flush the toilet lid

One of the easiest to ignore when using and cleaning toilets is that they don't have lids when they flush. You need to know if the lid is opened when the water is flush, the instant cyclone in the toilet can bring the germs into the air and float in the air, and then fall to the wall and the articles. It is easy to be polluted by bacteria. Therefore, the daily use of toilets, we must develop the toilet cover when flushing toilet habits.

3, the outlet edge of the toilet and the outside of the base should be cleaned

In addition to the pipe outlet near the outlet edge of the toilet and the outside of the base is the place to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices take the toilet seat, wash off, and use the toilet spray agent, after a few minutes, and then thoroughly scrub the toilet brush again, the best use of fine brush head, it is better to clean the edge of the toilet and GUANDAOKOU deep. Then scrub the base and other gaps.

4, toilet brush to keep clean and dry

A toilet brush is a good way to keep a toilet clean, but it can also become a source of pollution if you don't pay attention to cleanliness and dryness. Every time you brush the dirt, the brush will be stained with dirt. It is best to rinse the water again, rinse it, drain the water, spray the disinfectant, or soak it regularly with disinfectant, and place it in a suitable place.

It's better to hang up the toilet brush. Don't just put it in the corner. Don't put it in an airtight container.

5 toilet blocked treatment

The toilet is blocked is a more common situation Home Furnishing life, not only affect the normal life, but people in embarrassing situation. The toilet blocked this big, that small is not small, but not every time someone to dredge, therefore, some toilet blocked solutions for learning, life is very useful.