9 bathroom coup, bathroom new look

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The bathroom contracted us one day toilet and bathing thing, we remove one day tired, but the moist environment often make it easy to manage the city today and shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, a look at the 9 strokes, small coup, is how to make the bathroom take on an altogether new aspect!

1, toilet brush clean

Many times people all know that the toilet brush to clean the toilet, but few people to pay attention to the toilet brush to clean itself, in fact as long as clean the toilet flush button is pressed after the toilet brush rinse, then dry in the toilet between the clamping washers, this simple action can be avoided because of years of toilet brush wet and bacteria.

2, remove water stains

Faucets and other stainless steel products and bathroom mirror often leaves water stains, looks mottled, lemon all two, wipe the surface of stainless steel with the pulp, and then wipe the paper towel, bright and clean stands!

3, let the shower no longer block

Water serious area often shower scale blocked, this time with a plastic bag full of white vinegar over the shower, and set aside for 15 minutes, wonderful chemical reaction occurs, the water sprinkler immediately becomes smooth.

4, cleaning tiles gap

The bathroom floor tile is to use most of the wall, the daily clean and convenient, but the gap between the tiles often become a health corner, a pack of baking soda will be able to solve this problem, an old toothbrush with a soda paint brush, you can see the effect of the contrast.

5. Disinfect the air

Bathrooms are often humid, poor ventilation, will become a breeding bacteria greenhouse, with half water, half vinegar mixed solution as air disinfectant spray, but good, environmental protection non-toxic, economic benefits, but also made available.

6, the mirror must be absolutely clean

The bathroom mirror always due to water and dusted, or will stick to a splash of soap bubbles, use wet cloth to wipe is obviously futile, try the old newspapers, absolutely unexpected effect, but this secret weapon has many years working experience of cleaning aunt oh. This method is also suitable for cleaning windows.

7. Careful maintenance of ceramic products

Ceramic washbasin and bathtub cleaning is a hard work, both clean, but also to avoid scratching the surface, with a universal kitchen soda bar, soft clean scrub particles, so that ceramic products clean shining.

8 、 shower screen is clean

For a long time, shower screen often have water or soap and bath products splash out residues that are difficult to clean and affect the appearance, teach you a trick: a layer of lemon essential oil in the shower screen is coated with a thin, can prevent the splash of foam attached to; or learn some diligent skilled housewives in the bathroom by an old towel, bath clean shower screen for a long time, to prevent the attachment stubborn stains.

9, cleaning fan

Don't forget, bathroom fan is also a gathering dust bacteria Months and years pass by. enemy, to buy a bottle of air conditioning cleaning disinfectant supermarket, spray can make you less effective.

Small sum up: in fact, many health corners can be more attention in use, and thus reduce the follow-up maintenance, cleaning trouble, these 9 sanitary clean small coup, quickly learn it!